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glogo50px150res-01Download the Workbook

Start Designing Your Custom Language Access Plan Today.

LingoAsset-76  Reduce Risk & Ensure Compliance

LingoAsset-76  Improve Provider & Patient Experience

LingoAsset-76  Increase Reimbursement KPIs

Language Access Plan Workbook


What is a Language Access Plan?

A Language Access Plan is a document that supports a strategic effort to eliminate or reduce Limited English Proficiency (LEP) as a barrier to accessing information.


Any organization that serves a population with Limited English Proficiency should have a Language Access Plan in place. 


This guide is designed to help you:

LingoAsset-76 Define your Language Access Policy
LingoAsset-76 Establish a Language Access Team
LingoAsset-76 Understand Language Services Best Practices
LingoAsset-76 Calculate Your Points of Access
LingoAsset-76 Define Staff Procedures & Protocols
LingoAsset-76 Access Valuable Resources


Language Access Plan Workbook Preview

Limited English Proficiency



The Joint Commission estimates “80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers and patients.”

Take preventative action.




Write Your Custom Language Access Policy

Leverage our Purpose & Policy Template to write a Language Access Policy that provides transparency, visibility, and understanding across your organization.


pie charts-04

Understand the LEP Patient Journey

Mapping out the journey of your LEP patients will allow you to better anticipate the language assistance needs across your entire organization.


magnifying glass-01

Determine How Many Points of Access Are Needed

Our Points of Access Calculator was designed to help you gather an estimate for the total number of language services access points your facility should have.



Define Language Services Best Practices

We break down which interpreting modalities to use depending on a variety of factors, such as patient's age, mental state, preferred language, and more. 



Language Access Plan Workbook

Ready to Get Started?

Download Your Free Workbook Today.

Our step-by-step workbook will help you build your personalized plan and provide access to additional tips and resources to guide you on your journey.